Q1. Does your company undertake electric, fire-fighting, lift, communication jobs?

Ans. Makin Developers Pvt. Ltd. has a fully fledged separate wing to do above jobs.

Q2. Does your company undertake public health works?

Ans. We undertake

i). internal sewerage, drainage works

ii). external sewerage, drainage works

iii) HDPE, UPVC large size and

iv). External ETP works

Q3. What types of civil works are undertaken by Makin Developers Pvt. Ltd.?

Ans. We have done multifarious types of industrial works like, Pharma, Auto, Papers, MDF, Breweries, IT, Life Sciences, Heavy Aluminum, Silver, Zinc and other manufacturing factories.

Q4. Do you also undertake the work of institutes and colleges?

Ans. Yes we undertake work of university, college, hostels, fire-fighting police stations, medical hospitals, malls and hotels.

Q5. Does Makin Developers Pvt. Ltd. Undertake EPC projects?

Ans. Yes we do.